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About Picaflix

Welcome to Picaflix - The Movie recommendation and suggestion tool!

Hello and welcome to Picaflix - The fastest and coolest movie suggestion and recommendation tool on the internet! Completely free to use our intelligent engine gives you a helping hand when you can't think of a movie to watch. 

The idea was brought to life when a discussion between two friends occurred. Both movie boffs who have seen hundreds of films couldn't decide on a film to watch without trawling through lots of reviews and listings so they thought "if only there was a place where you could just press a button and a film was suggested based on ratings, actors and genre" thus Picaflix was born.

Our online movie suggestion engine grows in intelligence with the help of its users. Simply sign up, add a few films you like and press the random suggestion button and you will be presented with a movie to watch based on your input settings. If you don't wish to sign up then just press the random button and Picaflix will recommend a film based on other users ratings and reviews.

Picaflix will be a greater place to be if you sign up and help us out! 

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the website please feel free to contact us on info@picaflix.com and we will message everyone back within a working week. 

We hope you enjoy the website and the tool makes thinking of a movie to watch that little bit less stressful! 

Thanks and enjoy - Picaflix Team.